You asked: What is the message of the poem wake up?

What is the summary of the poem wake up?

The poem talks about the importance of waking up early every day and observing the rising sun and its beauty. It says that one gets to see the blooming leaves and the flying birds when they wake up early. The birds singing in the trees and the buzzing bees are a sight to behold.

What is the name of the girl in the poem wake up?

Ans. Sheila got some chocolates for her birthday and new clothes for her birthday. (iii) (a) Everyone has gone to sleep.

Who are buzzing in the poem wake up?

It is a lovely day . 2. The bees are buzzing .

Why does the poet give a call to wake up?

Answer: The poet wants us to wake up to start a new day and to see the beauty of nature.

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What lesson do we learn from the poem answer?

Although we commit mistakes and face failures there is always a hope for a next chance in our lives. We must have a strong desire to try and make our life and our world better.

What does the poem run tell us do?

What does the poem tell us to do ? Ans. The poet tells us to run away from the city towards the country side, to run throughout the day to different places in the country side and be happy and joyous.

Why was the fir tree sad?

2. The fir tree was sad. Ans. Because it had needle like leaves.

Why does the poet want the little child to wake up?

The poem Wake up is basically about the beauty of the nature that attracts us to start a new day. The poet of the poem has described why we should wake up early in the morning. He says, we should see how the sun rises and birds fly.

What did the little fir tree ask for in the end?

The Fir tree uses its third wish to turn its leaves into glass. The wind blows and the glass leaves break. Realizing that it was happier with its own leaves, the little Fir tree uses its last wish, to get needle shaped leaves back again.

What is the theme of the poem noses?

Self-esteem is the theme that runs across this unit.

Do you think the poem is a wake up call explain?

5) Do you think the poem is a wake-up call? Explain. Ans. Yes, it is a wakeup call because it reveals the apathy of a man who owing to his insensitivity has brought about chaos on the otherwise peaceful planet (earth).

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What are the birds doing in the poem wake up?

Answer: They are waking us up. To celebrate the pleasant morning.

Why do you think birds say to each other in the morning?

Answer: Explanation: birds say “Good morning” to each other in the morning.) Birds wish good morning to each other in the morning.