You asked: Where did Fort Worth pile up happen?

What caused the pile up in Fort Worth?

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TX – At about 6am on Thursday, February 11, 2021, a pileup involving 133 vehicles occurred on Interstate 35 West 2 miles north of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. … The Fort Worth pileup, in all reality, requires no in-depth investigation. Simply put, this event was a result of freezing rain bridge icing.

Where was the 100 car pile up?

Highway 99 south of Fresno, California, United States, due to the tule fog that occurs frequently in fall and winter; involved 108 vehicles, killed at least 2 and injured dozens of others. Two people are killed as 100 cars pile up on Interstate 90 near Madison, Wisconsin.

What is the largest car pile up in the US?

November 3, 2002. The largest multi-car accident in U.S. history occurred on this day, around 25 miles south of Los Angeles, California, on Interstate 10. Despite it involving an astounding 216 vehicles, there were no deaths reported.

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