Your question: What is another phrase for Keep your chin up?

What is the synonym of Chin up?

audacious. confident. daring. fearless.

What does the phrase Chin up mean?

informal. something you say to someone in a difficult situation in order to encourage them to be brave and try not to be sad: Chin up!

What does keeping your Chin up imply?

Keep Your Chin Up Meaning

Definition: Try to act cheerful when experiencing a difficult time; don’t lose courage.

What is the synonym of submerge?

immerse, dip, plunge, duck, dunk, sink. 3’when the farmland was submerged many sheep were lost’ flood, inundate, deluge, engulf, swamp, immerse, drown.

What is the synonym of word stiff?

rigid, hard, firm, hardened, inelastic, non-flexible, inflexible, ungiving. rare impliable, unmalleable. flexible, plastic, limp. 2’mix to a stiff paste’ semi-solid, viscous, viscid, thick, stiffened.

What is the meaning of keep your head up?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “keep your head up” or “keep your chin up,” meaning to maintain high spirits in the face of something difficult and to persevere.

Where did the phrase chin up come from?

The first printed reference comes from an October, 1900 edition of the Pennsylvania newspaper The Evening Democrat: “Keep your chin up. Don’t take your troubles to bed with you – hang them on a chair with your trousers or drop them in a glass of water with your teeth.”

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