Your question: Whats the opposite of follow up?

What does the opposite of follow?

▲ Opposite of to pursue in order to keep track of, or to apprehend, someone. give up the chase. let go. ignore.

What is another word for follow up?

follow out, carry out, fulfill, follow through, implement, go across, execute, consume, experience, fulfil, go through, down, follow up, accomplish, carry through, action, run through, enforce, pass, put through, devour, apply, work through, see. follow upverb.

Is Previous the opposite of following?

What is the opposite of previous?

following next
subsequent succeeding
posterior consequent
future after
coming current

What is the synonym and antonym of follow?

take after, watch, watch over, fall out, stick with, keep up, be, comply, succeed, adopt, observe, play along, abide by, travel along, come after, trace, surveil, accompany, come, postdate, pursue, keep abreast, stick to, survey, espouse, conform to, keep an eye on. Antonyms: precede, lead. followverb.

What’s another word for followed by?

What is another word for followed by?

then next
subsequently afterward
following that following this
later before long
ensuingly finally

What is the antonym of inquire?

What is the opposite of inquire?

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ignore disregard
pay no mind to skip
forget avoid
bypass overpass
slight shun

What is the past tense of follow up?

The past tense of follow up is followed up. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of follow up is follows up. The present participle of follow up is following up. The past participle of follow up is followed up.

When to use follow up vs follow up?

Is it follow up or follow-up? Follow up is a verb phrase that means to pursue or to check on something. Follow-up is a noun or an adjective that refers to a continuation or review. Follow up is a verb.

Is it preceeding or preceding?


adj. 1. Existing or coming before another or others: in preceding years; on a preceding page.

What are the antonyms words?

Antonyms are words that have contrasting, or opposite, meanings. Like so much of the English language, “antonym” is rooted in the Greek language. The Greek word anti means opposite, while onym means name.