Your question: Where did the term re up come from?

What does re up mean in slang?

Re-up is slang for re-enlisting in the military. An example of re-up is when you take your oath and enlist against after you have served a tour of duty and are eligible for discharge from the army. … (slang) To refill one’s drug stash.

What are re up drugs?

re-up (plural re-ups) (slang) A resupply of a batch of drugs to be sold on the street.

Are you up meaning?

Simply put, it means “are you awake?“; “are you still awake?”; “are you awake yet?” “Are you alert?” When people are playing a game or in a match it can mean: “Is it your turn now?” (Your turn to play) or “Are you winning?”, “Is your team winning?” To which you could answer: “Yes, we are up 20 to 14”.

What does it mean when you’re-up a song?

Never miss a Moment

A Re-Up = Repost or Retweet. Clicking the Re-Up button means your followers will see that song/album in there feed.

What is the meaning of re enlist?

1 : the act or an instance of enlisting again (as in the armed forces) or the state of being enlisted again reenlistment of soldiers The Navy came up with the idea in 1946, mainly to hype reenlistments.—

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Why you’re still up meaning?

It means “are you awake?”

How do you respond to Whatcha up to?

How do we answer it?

  1. “Oh not much”
  2. “Not too much”
  3. “Not a whole lot”

Why did I wake up with a song in my head?

Our brain attaches memories to them making it difficult to forget them. Earworms may be part of the same “involuntary memory” that is responsible for us thinking about a friend we haven’t seen in a long time randomly. Songs that are simple, repetitive, and contain some incongruity are most likely to become stuck.

What does it mean when a song plays over and over in your head?

An earworm, sometimes referred to as a brainworm, sticky music, stuck song syndrome, or, most commonly after earworms, Involuntary Musical Imagery (INMI), is a catchy and/or memorable piece of music or saying that continuously occupies a person’s mind even after it is no longer being played or spoken about.