Best answer: Can a transformer die?

Do any of the transformers die?

Scorponok – Killed by Unicron. Shockblast – Killed by Unicron. Six Shot – Killed by Galvatron. Starscream – Dies with Galvatron.

Can transformers run out of energon?

Death due to simply running out of energon is a very rare thing in Transformers. … They are still alive, being provided with enough energon to keep them at the lowest possible level of “online,” but they are immobile, like Megatron in this comic.

How long can a Transformer live for?

Under ideal conditions, transformers are expected to operate for 30 to 40 years, while industrial transformers have a life expectancy of just 20 to 25 years.

Do Transformers grow old?

The average life span of a Transformer is unknown. In some continuities, they have been shown to spend millions of years without any noticeable alteration or aging. Skydive stated in the Generation 2 comic that outside of warfare, the race was practically immortal.

How did ratchet die?

In 2005, Ratchet was killed by the Decepticons just prior to the Battle of Autobot City. His body was interred on the Autobot Mausoleum, but it was ultimately destroyed in an explosion.

Can Transformers breathe?

They do not necessarily breathe air, but they do need to intake a mixture of a gaseous substance to ignite their engines. Most of the Transformers do feel pain, but someone like Shockwave can override his sensors to eliminate pain – while inflicting it on others.

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