Best answer: Does plunder level you up?

Is plunder the fastest way to level up?

The Plunder game mode has the most XP as it offers all kinds of contracts. If you play in a squad you can easily fulfill 10 contracts which all reward you with normal XP, weapon XP and money.

Is plunder good for weapon XP?

The best method — Supply Run contracts in Plunder. You’ll be happy to know that you can easily earn Weapon XP if you only own Call of Duty: Warzone — and the best part is that it’s free! The fastest, most consistent method is to complete contracts throughout the Plunder mode.

Do your guns level up in plunder?

Quick methods for leveling up guns in Call of Duty: Warzone

One of the most common methods to level up guns in Warzone is to simply buy one of the Call of Duty games and play multiplayer. … Instead of jumping into real Warzone games, players should queue up in the plunder game mode.

What is the fastest way to level up in plunder warzone?

Go in Plunder mode, then xp weapons with Kills and Contracts. The best way to level up is to wait those weekends when they have access to multi-player games. You get lots of kills and each game is only ten min long. You can really rack up levels on your guns faster.

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How do you win plunder every time?

It’s only fair to share with you our expert tips for Plunder.

  1. Communicate. …
  2. Map knowledge is (close to) everything. …
  3. Don’t waste your bullets in the early game. …
  4. Buy Stations purchases aren’t bad investments. …
  5. Shoot those balloons. …
  6. Context Clues. …
  7. Put the money in the bag. …
  8. Track Down those Cash Drops.

Does plunder level up battle pass?

Plunder. This is the best game mode to gain XP in Warzone. … Playing plunder is going to help you rank up and complete your battle pass at a faster rate than other game modes.

What is the best XM4 class?

The Best XM4 League Play Loadout

  • Millstop Reflex (Optic)
  • Infantry Compensator (Muzzle)
  • 13.7″ Ranger (Barrel)
  • Field Agent Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Steady Aim Laser (Body)
  • 40 Rnd (Magazine)
  • Airborne Elastic Wrap (Handle)
  • Raider Pad (Stock)

What is the best LMG for warzone?

Best LMG in Warzone Ranked List

  • RPD.
  • FiNN LMG.
  • MG82.
  • SA87.
  • Holger 26.
  • MG34.
  • M60.
  • M91.

What is the fastest way to level up weapons in multiplayer?

With this in mind, there is the only thing you can do to level up weapons fast in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; Get more kills. Easier said than done really. These Call of Duty tips should help you play in a way that maximizes your weapon XP, although it might be a bit of a grind to get everything.