Best answer: How do you sum up something?

What does it mean to sum up something?

Definition of sum up (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to be the sum of : bring to a total 10 victories summed up his record. 2a : to present or show succinctly : summarize sum up the evidence presented. b : to assess and then describe briefly : size up.

How do you sum up examples?

sum up

  1. To sum up, there are three main ways of tackling the problem…
  2. The report attempts to sum up recent economic trends.
  3. The storyline can be summed up in a few sentences.
  4. sum up what… Can I just sum up what we’ve agreed so far?

How can I sum up in English?

sum up

  1. phrasal verb. If you sum something up, you describe it as briefly as possible. …
  2. phrasal verb. If something sums a person or situation up, it represents their most typical characteristics. …
  3. phrasal verb. If you sum up after a speech or at the end of a piece of writing, you briefly state the main points again.

What to say instead of to sum up?

What is another word for to sum up?

basically in summary
to put it concisely to put it succinctly
to summarize in conclusion
in precis succinctly
to be brief when all is said and done
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What does sum up mean in math?

n. Mathematicsthe aggregate of two or more numbers, magnitudes, quantities, or particulars as determined by or as if by the mathematical process of addition:The sum of 6 and 8 is 14. a particular aggregate or total, esp.

What does sum up mean in texting?

sum up. Present the substance of, summarize, as in They always sum up the important news in a couple of minutes, or That expletive sums up my feelings about the matter. [

What is a sentence for in sum?

You use in sum to introduce a statement that briefly describes a situation. In sum, the two countries are now true economic partners. It is a situation, in sum, devoid of logic.

What does on the whole?

phrase. You use on the whole to indicate that what you are saying is true in general but may not be true in every case, or that you are giving a general opinion or summary of something. On the whole, people miss the opportunity to enjoy leisure.

How do you use overall in a sentence?

Examples of overall in a Sentence

Adverb He made a few mistakes but did well overall. Overall, the project was successful. Adjective your overall score after two rounds His mistake didn’t change my overall impression of him. Your overall health is sound.

Is SumUp a word?

or sum·up. the act or result of summing up; summary.