How do I create a transformation in Hana studio?

How do you make an AMDP transformation?

To benefit from the HANA Code Pushdown, select the option AMDP Script. Afterwards you have to select an existing ABAP project or create a new project in BW Modeling Tools. Then you can implement your logic within the PROCEDURE method. The tables outTab and errorTab are used as transfer parameters.

What is the purpose of a transformation in SAP BW 4hana?

When data is loaded from a BW object or virtual object to a target BW object, the data passes through a transformation. A transformation converts the fields of the source into the format of the target.

Which transformation rules do support SAP HANA runtime?

The upper BW transformation (2) contains an ABAP start routine, therefore only the ABAP runtime is supported. In the lower BW transformation (3) only standard rules are used, therefore both the HANA and ABAP runtime are supported.

How do I create a field routine in SAP bw4hana?

Step: 1 Create an aDSO (Advanced Data Store Object) with activate data and write change log as shown below in SAP BW Modelling tools (BWMT) in Eclipse. Step: 2 Create transformation between aDSO and data source. Step: 3 Create expert routine from Edit Menu -> Routine -> Expert Routine.

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How do I create an internal table in AMDP?

Simple operations.

  1. Declare internal table inside AMDP class.
  2. Declare an ABAP datatype in SQL script.
  3. Delete adjacent duplicates.
  4. Sort by column and pick the latest value.
  5. Convert a delimited string to an internal table.
  6. Apply filter to local table.
  7. Calling AMDP methods with parameters.

What is the use of AMDP in SAP HANA?

ABAP-Managed Database Procedures is one of the recommended patterns for use in ABAP code optimization within the context of ABAP development on SAP HANA.

What is start routine and end routine?

Start routine is to do tasks like eliminating or merging records that meet or does meet a business criteria. End routine is to consolidate and do final manipulations on the incoming data.

What is expert routine?

Definition. An Expert routine is a routine with contains both the source and target structure. we can use Expert routine if there are not sufficient functions to perform transformation. Approach to Scenario. For Expert Routine every things needs to be written using coding.

How do I write an end routine in SAP BW?


  1. You are in the BW modeling tools, editing your transformation on the General tab. Choose End Routine Create ABAP. …
  2. You enter the following lines of code: Sample Code. …
  3. Save the class and go back to the transformation editor.
  4. Activate the transformation.

What is field based modeling in SAP BW?

Objects in SAP BW∕4HANA can be modeled with InfoObjects or with fields. You should model central master data objects (navigation attributes and hierarchies) using persistent InfoObjects. … With many OLAP functions, this offers you advantages in terms of performance.

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