How do you use the word pick up in a sentence?

How do you use pick up in a sentence?

Picking-up sentence example

  1. When picking up her mail at the post office, she often talked to Adrena. …
  2. That evening after Destiny and Jonathan were asleep, Carmen was picking up in their room. …
  3. Howard had insisted on picking up his little sister that night for safety reasons.

How do you use the word pick up?

“Pick up” (two words) is the verb form. You can pick up the package when your pickup truck arrives at your destination. “Pick-up” (hyphenated) is a little glimpse of word evolution in action. When words change their forms, hyphenation is often stage one of their transformation.

How do you use phrasal verb pick up?

1to take hold of someone or something and lift them/it up She went over to the crying child and picked her up. to receive an electronic signal, sound, or picture We were able to pick up Voice of America. The survivors were rescued after their sounds were picked up by a television crew’s microphone.

What is pick up in grammar?

Pickup is one word when it functions as a noun or an adjective. It’s two words, pick up, when functioning as a verb. For example, you might drive your pickup to pick up your friend from a pickup football game, and congested traffic might make you late for the pickup.

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How do you use hard up in a sentence?

Examples of ‘hard up’ in a sentence hard up

  1. Most families are hard up already without this extra burden. …
  2. In fact, pizza has always been a popular choice for people who are hard up for money. …
  3. The real reason was because Ed’s family were incredibly hard-up and there was never any cash.

Is pick up one or two words?

The noun is spelled “pickup” as in “drive your pickup” or “that coffee gave me a pickup,” or “we didn’t have a real date; it was just a pickup.” If it’s a thing, use the single-word form. But if it’s an action (verb-plus-adverb phrase) then spell it as two words: “pick up your dirty underwear.”

What is the meaning of picking up?

intransitive verb. 1 : to recover or increase speed, vigor, or activity : improve after the strike, business picked up the wind began to pick up. 2 : to put things in order was always picking up after her. 3 : to pack up one’s belongings couldn’t just pick up and leave.

What is another word for picking up?

What is another word for pick up?

lift raise
grasp heighten
up raise up
take up jack up
perk up haul up

What does pick up something mean?

verb To claim, acquire, or retrieve something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “pick” and “up.” I need to go pick up my bike from the shop. They said they were finished working on it. … In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “pick” and “up.” I think I picked up Tommy’s cold.

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What part of speech is pick up?

Pick up is a verb phrase, but should not be used as a noun. You can remember pickup vs. pick up because these terms function the same as other compound nouns and phrasal verbs: kickoff/kick off, makeup/make up, setup/set up, etc.

How do I pick up English?

5 Easy Ways You Can Pick Up The English Language

  1. Watching English-style movies without subtitles. The quickest way to learn English is to watch a video. …
  2. Listen to English songs. Besides watching movies, another easy way is to listen to English songs. …
  3. Read articles in English. …
  4. Do it regularly. …
  5. Try an English course.