Question: Is heads up plural or singular?

What is the plural of heads up?

(plural heads-up, heads-ups) ​heads-up (about something) a piece of information given in advance of something or as advice.

Is a heads up correct?

As an exclamation, Heads up! is used to call attention to danger or another important matter. As a basic noun, a heads-up is an advance notice or warning.

How do you use the word heads up in a sentence?

Heads-up sentence example

  1. This Cancer characteristics horoscope will give you a heads up on the upcoming year, and a general overview of your personality! …
  2. That would give him a heads-up on how much credibility we put on the so-called psychic tipster. …
  3. Don’t tell the big boys I gave you a heads-up on this.

What is mean by heads up?

: a message that alerts or prepares : warning gave him a heads-up that an investigation was pending. heads up. interjection.

What can I say instead of heads up?

Synonyms of heads-up

  • admonishment,
  • admonition,
  • alarm.
  • (also alarum),
  • alert,
  • caution,
  • forewarning,
  • notice,

Why do we say heads up?

One is to warn someone that something is going to happen, and that he needs to be prepared for whatever may come his way. The expression is also frequently used in everyday contexts to refer to someone who is wide-awake and alert. *We got the heads up about the Chairman’s proposed visit.

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Does heads up have an apostrophe?

The warning “Heads up” has no apostrophe.