Question: What are transformation and actions in Spark give suitable examples?

What is the difference between transformation and action in spark?

Spark rdd functions are transformations and actions both. Transformation is function that changes rdd data and Action is a function that doesn’t change the data but gives an output.

Which of the following is an example of spark transformation?

Spark RDD Transformation functions

Transformation Methods Method usage and description
sample() Returns the sample dataset.
intersection() Returns the dataset which contains elements in both source dataset and an argument
distinct() Returns the dataset by eliminating all duplicated elements.

Which of the following is a Spark actions?

Actions are RDD’s operation, that value returns back to the spar driver programs, which kick off a job to execute on a cluster. Transformation’s output is an input of Actions. reduce, collect, takeSample, take, first, saveAsTextfile, saveAsSequenceFile, countByKey, foreach are common actions in Apache spark.

What is sliding window in Spark give an example?

Sliding Window controls transmission of data packets between various computer networks. Spark Streaming library provides windowed computations where the transformations on RDDs are applied over a sliding window of data.

Is Spark read an action or transformation?

Is ‘load’ command in spark an action or transformation?

  • It is a transformation. – pissall. …
  • – thebluephantom. …
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  • The thing under UI is simply wholeStageCodegen, not an Action. …
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What is the difference between a transformation and an action with regards to execution?

When we look at the Spark API, we can easily spot the difference between transformations and actions. If a function returns a DataFrame , Dataset , or RDD , it is a transformation. If it returns anything else or does not return a value at all (or returns Unit in the case of Scala API), it is an action.

Is write an action in Spark?

Basic actions are the methods in the Dataset Scala class that are grouped in basic group name, i.e. @group basic .

Dataset API — Basic Actions.

Action Description
write write: DataFrameWriter[T] Returns a DataFrameWriter for saving the content of the (non-streaming) Dataset

Is cache function in Spark an action or a transformation?

Caching is a lazy transformation, so immediately after calling the function nothing happens with the data but the query plan is updated by the Cache Manager by adding a new operator — InMemoryRelation. So this is just some information that will be used during the query execution later on when some action is called.