Should the scapula move during push ups?

What does the scapula do during a push-up?

The main muscle worked out during scapular push-ups is the serratus anterior muscle. The serratus anterior muscles are located on the left and right sides of your rib cage. These muscles help keep your shoulder blades flat against your upper back.

Should scapula move during shoulder press?

In order to get into an optimal overhead position, the scapula needs to upward rotate to 60 degrees. … Scapula upward rotation is coupled with posterior tilt, so for the overhead press position, particular attention should be paid to the quality not only of upward rotation, but also of posterior tilt.

Is it normal to be able to push your shoulder blades out?

Scapular winging occurs when a shoulder blade sticks out. While the condition is rare, it’s usually painful and makes day-to-day activities, such as lifting grocery bags or brushing your teeth, difficult.

What happens if you do push ups wrong?

But performing pushups incorrectly can make your lower back ache, hurt your shoulders, and keep you from getting the most muscle-building benefits out of the exercise.

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