What actors are going to be in Transformers 7?

What actors are in Transformers 7?

Top cast

  • Ron Perlman. Optimus Primal.
  • Luna Lauren Velez.
  • Anthony Ramos. Noah.
  • Peter Cullen. Optimus Prime.
  • Dominique Fishback. Elena.
  • Domenic Di Rosa. Bus Driver.
  • Ross Donnelly. Truck Driver.
  • Tobe Nwigwe.

Which Autobot died in Age of Extinction?

Age of Extinction

Lucas Flannery – Incinerated by Lockdown with a grenade. Oreo bot – Shot by the autobots. Steeljaws – Killed in different ways by Bumblebee and Cade. James Savoy – Tackled out a window by Cade Yeager, sending him falling to his death.

Will Bumblebee be in Transformers rise of beast?

It will also feature elements from other projects such as Terrorcons and Scourge alongside classic characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Steven Caple Jr. is directing the film, which will star Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback.

Who made the Terrorcons?

Transformers: Generation 1. The Terrorcons are a group of five Decepticons under the command of Galvatron. The Terrorcons transform into nightmarish monsters and combine to form the “combiner” Abominus.

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