What does it mean when a guy is compensating?

What does it mean when a man is compensating?

The term compensation refers to a type of defense mechanism in which people overachieve in one area to compensate for failures in another. For example, individuals with poor family lives may direct their energy into excelling above and beyond what is required at work.

What does it mean if someone is compensating?

To compensate someone for money or things that they have lost, means to pay them money or give them something to replace those things. The damages are designed to compensate victims for their direct losses. intransitive verb.

What does compensation mean in a relationship?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In psychology, compensation is a strategy whereby one covers up, consciously or unconsciously, weaknesses, frustrations, desires, or feelings of inadequacy or incompetence in one life area through the gratification or (drive towards) excellence in another area.

What does compensate mean example?

To compensate is to pay someone for services performed, to repay someone for some wrong or that something positive exists to make up for something negative. An example of compensate is when you pay the guy who mowed your lawn.

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What does meaningful compensation mean?

My definition of meaningful compensation, is compensation that is more valuable or higher in quantity than what you are receiving. … Paying the seller of the organ a good amount shows the commitment to the deal.

Does compensation always mean money?

compensation Add to list Share. … Compensation can also be money, a payment meant to give someone a fair exchange for their effort and output. In fact, the word comes from the Latin word compensat-, meaning “weighed against.” If you receive fair compensation for your work, the money is equal to your time and effort.

What does compensating behavior mean?

Compensatory behaviors are simply things people with eating disorders do in an attempt to make up for having eaten and consumed calories. They are an attempt to erase shame, anxiety, guilt or other “bad” feelings about the food eaten and the act of eating it.

What is compensation in personality?

n. 1. substitution or development of strength or capability in one area to offset real or imagined deficiency in another. The idea of compensation is central to Alfred Adler ‘s theory of personality, which sees all human striving as a response to feelings of inferiority (see also inferiority complex). …

What does self compensating mean?

Self-compensation, the tendency of a crystal to lower its energy by forming point defects to counter the effects of a dopant, is here quantitatively proven.

What is the best synonym for compensate?

synonyms for compensate

  • atone.
  • pay.
  • recoup.
  • refund.
  • reimburse.
  • repay.
  • reward.
  • satisfy.

What type of word is compensate?

verb (used with object), com·pen·sat·ed, com·pen·sat·ing. to recompense for something: They gave him ten dollars to compensate him for his trouble.

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How do you use compensate?

Compensate in a Sentence

  1. Since I paid over three hundred dollars for my dress, you cannot compensate me for its loss with a fifty dollar check.
  2. Jeff put in extra hours this afternoon to compensate for his late arrival to work this morning.