What is a good wrap up sentence?

What are some good wrap up sentence?

I’m trying to wrap up everything as fast as I can, Logan said. The trial may wrap up by then. No post-Oscar wrap-up is complete without a rundown of who wore what, what was best and what was worst.

What is a wrap up sentence with examples?

to complete or finish something: It’s getting late – let’s wrap it up. She wrapped up a deal just before she left on vacation. Want to learn more?

What is a wrap it up sentence?

To complete something, such as a task; to put the finishing touches on something. You go on ahead, I just need to wrap up some work before I head home. OK, everyone, let’s wrap it up for tonight.

How do you write a wrap in a sentence?

Wrap sentence example

  1. I’m trying to wrap up everything as fast as I can, Logan said. …
  2. That evening all the women got together to wrap gifts. …
  3. Well, hurry up and wrap it. …
  4. He moved his arm to wrap around her and pulled her against him. …
  5. He reached into his pocket to wrap his hand around the orb.
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How do you write a wrap up?

Writing your wrap-up article can be as simple as writing an introduction, listing and linking the past articles, and writing a conclusion. Use the introduction or conclusion to explain why this particular content grouping is valuable and how to use the information.

What is the sentence of wrapped?

Wrapped sentence example. It’s in the freezer, in a plastic bag wrapped with foil. He took ten gold pieces from his table and wrapped them in the little letter. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug.

Is it rap up or wrap up?

wrap-up (rap′up′), n. a final report or summary:a wrap-up of the evening news. the conclusion or final result:the wrap-up of the election campaign.

What is wrap up discussion?

To end a discussion / to bring the discussion to an end.

What does wrap up mean in business?

To wrap up This is a common way to end a meeting and means to bring something to an end, often with a short summary.

What does wrap up mean in slang?

(usually imperative) slang to be silent. (tr) informal. to settle the final details of. to make a summary of.