What is the difference between half controlled and fully controlled rectifier?

What is the difference between half controlled and fully controlled bridge rectifier?

A half controlled rectifier (full bridge) can only control power flow in a single quadrant. A full-controlled rectifier uses SCR’s for all control elements – 4 in a single phase bridge, 6 in a three-phase bridge. Full controlled rectifiers can control power in quadrants 1 and 2.

What is difference between semi converter and full wave rectifier?

Full wave rectifiers have three configurations – fully controlled, semi controlled and uncontrolled. Fully controlled config has 4 SCRs, semi controlled config has 2 SCRs and 2 diodes and uncontrolled config has 4 diodes. SCRs make the control over the output voltage possible (by controlling the firing angle).

What is the difference between rectifier and controlled rectifier?

The triggering circuit is required in controlled rectifier. Only diodes are used in ordinary rectifier. The SCR and diodes are used in controlled rectifier. The continuous control of the output is not obtained.

What is the meaning of a fully controlled rectifier?

A fully controlled or half-controlled rectifier is used to generate the dc voltage for the inverter. In addition, the input rectifier acts as a battery charger. The output of the inverter is filtered before it is fed to the load.

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What are the advantages of full wave rectifier compared with half wave rectifier?

1) The rectification efficiency of full wave rectifier is double than the half wave rectifier because it converts both the cycles of AC to DC. 2)Ripple factor is less in full wave rectifier so waveform is smooth. 3)The ripple frequency is also double so they are easy to filter out.

Which is better semi converter or converter?

Input power factor is more. The input displacement factor is defined as the cosine of the input displacement angle. For supplying given load, the semi converter receives less reactive power due to freewheeling action when compared with full converter. Therefore, the power factor is better in semi converter.

Why do we use semi converter instead of full converter?

For the same firing angle it has lower input side displacement factor compared to a fully controlled converter. It also extends the range of continuous conduction of the converter.

What is meant by semi converter?

SEMI CONVERTER  It is a single quadrant converter.  It has only one polarity of output voltage and current.  Here two SCRs and two diodes are connected in bridge configuration.  They can be arranged in two confg. namely symmetrically & asymmetrical.