What is the normal Colour of silica gel in transformer?

What Colour should silica gel be?

Silica gel is used as a visual indicator of moisture in the transformer oil. Colour of new silica gel used in transformer is blue. After absorbing moisture they lose the blue colour and finally turn to pink. Colour of silica gel is blue at good condition and it becomes violet then pink as it absorbs moisture.

What is the Colour of transformer?

Transformer Lead Color Code

Power Transformers
Primary Leads Black
Rectifier Filament Winding Yellow
(center tap) Yellow / Blue
Filament Winding #1 Green

Does silica gel turn brown?

Pure silica gel should either be translucent or white regardless of heating. … Since silica is relatively inert, you will not see color change for the adsorption, but will see it go brown at higher temperature because of the adsorbent being (lightly) combusted.

Is orange or blue silica gel better?

Blue indicating silica gel contains cobalt chloride and has been banned by the EU. On the other hand, orange silica gel is non-toxic and is widely used in the EU. It works best at room temperature and has a variety of applications where visual control of moisture is necessary.

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What is orange silica gel?

Orange Indicating Silica Gel is an environmentally safer alternative to traditional (blue) indicating desiccants that contain cobalt chloride. The gel turns from a deep orange color when dry to nearly colorless when saturated with moisture.

What is the final Colour of silica gel in breather?

Silica gel in the breather will be blue when installed and they turn to pink color when they absorb moisture which indicates the crystals should be replaced.

What is the need of silica oil in the transformer?

Many companies that operate in the power generation sector attach silica gel breathers to the conservators that are used in oil-filled transformers. The main purpose of this addition is to remove moisture or water vapor content from the air used by the transformer to breathe.

What is the orange wire on a transformer?

The three-phase power is connected in the delta configuration, and the center point of one phase is grounded. This creates both a split-phase single phase supply (L1 or L2 to neutral on diagram at right) and three-phase (L1-L2-L3 at right). It is called “orange leg” because the wire is color-coded orange.

Why are Transformers painted green?

The metal covers are assigned a specific color (usually green) so that utility workers can easily identify them. Also, tampering with the box by painting it could impair the lock, the equipment itself, or cover the warning signs.