Who is the owner of Transformation Church?

Who is Pastor Michael Todd?

Who Is Pastor Michael Todd? Since February 2015, Pastor Michael along with his wife Natalie have been the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were entrusted with the church by its founding Pastor, Gary McIntosh.

What denomination is Transformation Church?

Transformational groups typically involve a cross-section of Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and non-denominational churches and parachurch organizations (though not borderline groups, such as Mormons).

Who is Gary McIntosh?

Gary L. … McIntosh has thirty-seven years of experience consulting, coaching, and training leaders. He has analyzed over 1,200 churches representing some 90+ denominations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

What denomination is Transformation Church Tulsa?

Transformation Church, is a dynamic, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, non-denominational inner-city ministry in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It embraces the spirit of its founder as it expresses a radical, diversified, progressive, 21st century technological church.

What does Pastor Mike Todd do for a living?

CHURCH IN TULSA, OK. Pastor Michael along with his wife Natalie, have been the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, OK since February 2015. They were entrusted with Transformation Church by the founding Pastor, Gary McIntosh after 15 years of operation.

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When was transformation church founded?

Husband-and-wife lead pastors Michael and Natalie Todd took over Transformation Church’s operation in 2015 from its founder, Bishop Gary McIntosh, who ran the church for 15 years. As the church has expanded in recent years, it has added to its real estate portfolio.

What is transformational theology?

Transformation Theology takes the exalted or commissioning Christ as the present material as well as formal object of theology. It derives its meaning therefore from his transformational presence in the ‘crowded spaces’ of the world.

Does transformation church do communion?

We believe in the regular taking of Communion as an act of remembering what the Lord Jesus did for us on the cross.

What is the membership of Transformation Church?

Becoming a Member of Transformation Church

A Member is someone who is an active participant of Transformation Church and is committed to joining together with other Christ followers to help people far from God to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Where was higher dimensions Church Tulsa?

Higher Dimensions Family Church 8621 S Memorial Dr Tulsa, OK – MapQuest.

What time is Transformation Church?

Welcome to Transformation Church’s YouTube Channel! Join us for service every Sunday at 11am (CST) and weekly for NoonDay Prayer at 12pm (CST).