You asked: How do you determine if a flow meter is compensated?

How can you determine if you have a compensated Thorpe tube flowmeter?

Test – with the needle valve turned off, place the flowmeter in a 50 psi or high pressure gas source. If its pressure compensated the float will jump up fall back to zero.

Which would be preferred to transport a patient on a stretcher a Bourdon gauge flowmeter or a Thorpe tube flowmeter explain why?

Which would be preferred to transfer a patient on a stretcher, a bourdon gauge flowmeter or a thrope tube flowmeter? bourdon becuase if the cylinder is tipped on its side the gauges do not get affected but with a thorpe tube the ball inside would be affected.

What is the reason for cracking the valves of cylinders before attaching regulators?

Regulator connections to cylinder valves must be completely free of dirt, dust, oil, and grease. “Crack” the valve slowly (by opening the valve slightly and then reclosing it) before attaching the regulator in order to blow out dust and debris from the opening.

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What is the purpose of the regulator and flow meter on an oxygen cylinder quizlet?

Reducing valves reduce pressure to a working, usable pressure. What does a flowmeter control and indicate? Flowmeters are used to control and indicate flow to a patient.

What is a compensated flow meter?

Compensated flowmeters work with a variable orifice and fixed pressure. They read back pressure, and take into account resistance changes downstream from the needle valve. If pressure exceeds 50 psig downstream, flow ceases. The types can be distinguished by their response when gas starts to flow.

What type of flow meter is best used to transport patients with o2?

Either a Bourdon gauge flowmeter or a Thorpe tube flowmeter is acceptable, but a Bourdon gauge is preferred in case the cylinder needs to be placed flat. Mr. Butinsky is using a nasal cannula at 3 LPM.

What is the only major factor limiting the use of pressure compensated Thorpe tube flow meters?

What is the only major factor limiting the use of pressure-compensated Thorpe tube flow meters? The needle valve of a flow meter with a ball and a float tube is completely closed. When you plug the flow meter into a gas source, the float does not move.

How are flow restrictors classified?

How is a flow restrictor classified? A fixed orifice, constant pressure flow meter device. What is the function of a regulator? Function of a reducing valve?

Can you store argon and oxygen together?

These two gases can be stored together. Store flammables in a well-ventilated area away from oxidizers, open flames, sparks, and other sources of heat or ignition. … Asphyxiants (including inert gases) can displace oxygen and may cause suffocation.

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What safety precautions should be observed when cracking a cylinder valve?

Use two hands on the valve and stand at the side of the valve – never stand directly in front of or behind the valve outlet. Do not crack fuel gas cylinders due to the chance for the gas to ignite by friction, heating, or other ignition sources.