You asked: Where does the saying stepping up to the plate come from?

What’s another way to say step up to the plate?

What is another word for stepping up to the plate?

tackling addressing
taking care of taking up
devoting oneself to pitching into
taking forward taking measures about
throwing yourself into trying to solve

Where did step in the bucket come from?

John Badcock’s slang dictionary of 1823, explains that “One Bolsover having hung himself from a beam while standing on a pail, or bucket, kicked this vessel away in order to pry into futurity, and died as a result.

What does up to bat mean?

Filters. (baseball) Preparing to have or having one’s turn to attempt to hit the ball. prepositional phrase. (colloquial) In the state of being called upon to perform a task, particularly one for which the performer will be required to demonstrate skill to succeed.

What’s another way to say rise to the challenge?

What is another word for rise to the challenge?

step up volunteer
rise to the occasion sign up
take upon yourself submit oneself
take the initiative take upon oneself
undertake being put yourself at someone’s disposal
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What’s another way to say rise to the occasion?

What is another word for rise to the occasion?

step up volunteer
step forward take over
assume responsibility make oneself available
offer services present oneself
rise to the challenge present your services

What is the synonym of undertake?

In this page you can discover 97 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for undertake, like: pitch into, take in charge, engage, promise, commence, begin, set-in-motion, volunteer, initiate, venture and set about. More Articles.

Is step up to the plate an idiom?

Step up to the plate is an idiom that originated in America. An idiom is a word, group of words or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from its literal definition. … The phrase step up to the plate means to take responsibility for something, to rise to the occasion, to accept a challenge.

What does foot in the bucket mean?

Foot in the bucket — To act timidly or cowardly.

What does batting mean in a relationship?

The expression points out that someone in a romantic relationship with someone who is a lot more attractive than they are and implies they are no match for them.

What does BAT mean in slang?

adjective Slang. insane; crazy: He’s gone bats.