You asked: Who are transformational leaders in healthcare?

Who are considered transformational leaders?

Here are 21 famous transformational leadership examples.

  • Oprah Winfrey: Media Mogul. …
  • Condoleezza Rice: Former 20th U.S. National Security Advisor, Former 66th U.S. Secretary of State. …
  • H. …
  • Reed Hastings: Netflix. …
  • Jeff Bezos: Amazon. …
  • Hubert Joly: Best Buy. …
  • Gregg Stienhafel: Target. …
  • Hasbro.

Who is a good example of transformational leadership?

Jeff Bezos is seen by many as a great transformational leader. His leadership style Involves always pushing employees and staff to think about new products and possibilities. Amazon has taken e-commerce and delivery to an unprecedented level due to his transformational and innovative style. Barack Obama.

What famous person uses transformational leadership?

1. Jeff Bezos – The Prophet of E-Commerce. Jeffrey Preston Bezos was born in 1954; he is one of the famous transformational leadership examples in business. Bezos is known as the founder and chairman of multinational technology company Amazon.

Is Martin Luther King a transformational leader?

Martin Luther King, Jr. is an example of a person that exhibited transfor- mational leadership; King used transformational leadership to fight for equality and civil rights for all Americans as illustrated through his vision, universal message, and rhetorical speech.

What Organisations use transformational leadership?

Companies founded by transformational leaders include Apple, IBM, Intel and Microsoft. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other hardware and software company leaders have transformed not only the computer industry but the way other businesses work as well.

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Is Steve Jobs a transformational leader?

Steve Jobs is an example of a leader who is often associated with transformational leadership, in particular when it comes to his charismatic and inspirational qualities (e.g. Bryant, 2003; Bass and Riggio, 2005). … Academics also attributed transformational powers to Jobs.

What is transformational leadership give examples?

Transformational leaders are sometimes call quiet leaders. They are the ones that lead by example. Their style tends to use rapport, inspiration, or empathy to engage followers. They are known to possess courage, confidence, and the willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good.

Why is Bill Gates a transformational leader?

Transformational leaders articulate a vision that aims at convincing subordinates to make changes that are beneficial to the organization. … During his tenure as Microsoft’s CEO, Bill Gates united employees in his organization by pooling their interests and aligning them with corporate interests.

How is Oprah Winfrey a transformational leader?

In her shows, millions of viewers can clearly see her energy, outgoing personality, positivity, encouragement, and her awareness about other people. Based on leadership evaluation, Oprah Winfrey is a transformational leader who rules by inspiring others. She has the charisma and confidence to influence other people.