Your question: Is armature a stator?

What is called armature?

1 : an organ or structure (such as teeth or thorns) for offense or defense. 2a : a piece of soft iron or steel that connects the poles of a magnet or of adjacent magnets.

What is difference between armature and rotor?

It is located inside the stator and its objective is to rotate so that in turn the motor shaft or generator rotates. So basically, the rotor consists of a field magnet which rotates while the rotor remains stationary and on the other hand the armature carries current and is stationary and part of the stator.

What is the difference between armature and stator?

The armature is the winding to which the load is connected. … Thus, the armature is the stator and the field is the rotor. DC machines. In DC machines, both motors and generators, the armature is the rotor, and the field is the stator.

Why armature is kept?

In an alternator, the armature winding is kept stationary while the field winding is kept rotating for the following reasons: 1. Armature handles very large current and high voltage. … Armature fabrication, involving deep slots to accommodate large coils, is easy if armature is kept stationary.

What is the use of armature?

Armature: It is a rectangular iron core wrapped by the copper coil through which electricity passes and due to magnetic field it experiences a force and rotates. Brushes: It conducts current between stationary wires and moving parts, most commonly in a rotating shaft.

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What is another name for an armature?

What is another word for armature?

structure framework
fabric skeleton
edifice configuration
infrastructure framing
cadre architecture

What is difference between armature and field winding?

Armature Winding is the winding, in which voltage is induced. Field Winding is the winding in which the main field flux is produced when the current through the winding is passed.