Your question: What does pumped up mean in texting?

What does pumped up mean?

1a : to fill with enthusiasm or excitement. b : to fill with or as if with air : inflate. 2 : increase sense 1.

What does I’m pumped up mean?

very excited or enthusiastic about something. Schumacher’s really pumped up for the race this weekend. Synonyms and related words.

What does pump mean in text?

(Britain, slang, vulgar, childish) To pass gas; to fart.

Is pumped up slang?

Emotionally excited; enthusiastic or eager. … (slang) Full of confidence, enthusiasm, etc.; pumped up. adjective. (slang): pumped up.

What does being puffed up mean?

(pʌft ʌp) adjective. if you describe someone as puffed up, you disapprove of them because they are very proud of themselves and think that they are very important. He was too puffed up with his own importance, too blinded by vanity to accept their verdict on him. another name for puffed (sense 1)

How do you use pumped up in a sentence?

2. The oil is pumped up from deep underground reservoir. 3. He oiled his bike and pumped up the tyres.

What does kicks mean in slang?

1. Kicks is defined as another word for shoes. An example of kicks is saying, “Nice kicks.” to compliment someone’s very cool shoes. noun. 8.

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What is this word pump?

transitive verb. 1a : to raise (something, such as water) with a pump. b : to draw fluid from with a pump. 2 : to pour forth, deliver, or draw with or as if with a pump pumped money into the economy pump new life into the classroom. 3a : to question persistently pumped him for the information.

What does it mean to pump into someone?

pump something into somebody. ​to force a lot of something into somebody.

What’s the meaning of pump it?

Pump it up!: Put more energy into what you’re doing! Be more enthusiastic! Get excited!